Friday, December 30, 2011

Home to the Garden

I traveled to Tennessee for the Holidays and its wonderful to spend time with family, but its always nice to come home.  It's also nice to have a fresh salad from my garden after all the not-so-healthy, but very yummy holiday food.  I was sent home with a grocery bag full of chocolate candy.  I had to put it in a large tin, under a stack of other tins in the cabinets over the fridge that require a chair to reach!  Much easier to roam through the garden and pick a salad now!  The lettuce is growing well despite the cold.  I clipped a few young pac choi leaves and baby beet leaves to add to my salad.  I topped it with broccoli, radishes, and a tiny white carrot.  My carrots have been incredibly slow growing and my curiosity led me to pull one.  They definitely need more time.  

It also seems that the cabbage has stopped growing.  I had one decent sized head at 1.5 lbs and a smaller 0.5 lb one.  I'm probably going to have to harvest the rest this weekend.

There's a cold front coming Tuesday night with temps getting down to the low 20s.  I think I will actually use my row covers!  Maybe winter is finally arriving. 

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