Sunday, May 21, 2017

Turnips, Peas and Strawberry Shortcake

It is officially summer vacation for me.  Actually I've been on vacation for a week.  I made detailed lists of stuff I planned to do with all my extra time, but that first week I was utterly lethargic.  Hopefully this week will be more productive.  At least the garden has been productive even when I'm not!

I had my first turnip harvest of the year this week.  Those aphids that covered my peas several weeks ago have now moved on to the turnips.  Hopefully since they are mostly mature, the aphids won't have a big impact.  These turnips went on to get cooked (in my Instant Pot, which was way faster than boiling them on the stove top) and then mashed with some butter and salt.

I've also been harvesting plenty of greens.  Salads are being eaten at multiple meals a day here.  I need to get some summer lettuce started soon, since I have a feeling the spring lettuce is going to begin bolting.

I've also been picking and eating kale and Swiss chard.  I made a quiche with some greens and also some greens and cheese hand pies.  They end up in my breakfast every morning with eggs.

Peas have been abundant this week.  I only took a picture of some of the snowpeas, but there were lots of shelling peas as well.  We eat these raw out of the shell.  I keep thinking I'll have enough to freeze, but every day we end up eating all of the tasty, fat peas.

As for the snowpeas, they ended up in a tofu stir fry. Yum!

The strawberries seem to be on the end of their spring production.  This will probably be the last big harvest for the year.  It was delicious while it lasted and I'm pretty sure I made up my investment in building a bed and buying strawberry plants in the first year.

For the strawberries last hurrah, I made strawberry shortcakes.  They were delicious and also quite photogenic!

It has been raining almost all day and the week is looking very wet.  I need to take advantage of all the rain to do lots and lots of weeding and also get peanuts planted.

That's all the harvests coming from my garden this week.  To see what others are harvesting, check out Harvest Monday on Our Happy Acres.


  1. Wow, lots of good food is coming out of your garden. Your snow pea dish and strawberry shortcake looks scrumptious. Our kohlrabi is starting to bulb and the Asian greens are finally getting going, so we might have something to harvest soon.

  2. Your strawberry shortcake is indeed very photogenic. :)
    It's totally OK to have a lethargic week once in a while. In fact I'm having one these days :)

  3. Your strawberry shortcakes look too good. I like the sound of the little hand pies too.
    I have the same issue as you in that I eat so much of the veggies there is not enough to freeze.

  4. Wow that all looks so good. You really do make the most of your warm weather over there. I have decided not to plant many brassicas this year because of the white butterfly which makes a mess of them. I can buy organically grown ones from a friend of mine who has a market garden. Enjoy all those strawberries.

  5. Sometimes I feel that the busier I am with "necessary" tasks, the more productive I am overall. Those strawberries look delicious (as does the strawberry shortcake) - I've only just started a new strawberry bed but hopefully I'll be in your shoes next year.

  6. So many ooohhhs and ahhhhhs this week. Beautiful turnip and peas! I love stir fried peas! Those strawberries look relish and that shortcake. I'm wiping drool off my face!

  7. That shortcake had my mouth watering! The snow pea stir fry did too. Our snow peas are blooming like crazy and the pods should be here soon. You remind me I need to start some summer lettuce too. I planned on interplanting it with the sweet potatoes.

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  9. I planned on interplanting it with the sweet potatoes.


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  12. Oh wow, the shortcake looks so good and delicious, beautiful recipe ☺