Sunday, October 9, 2011

Unplanned, But Much Loved

It's one thing to pick out beautiful plants to grow in my garden, but sometimes I am lucky enough to have the plants pick me.  The right side of my driveway has zero landscaping.  It is a patch  of woods with mostly sweet gums, maples, oaks, and a couple of pines.  But on the edge between the woods and the driveway are some native residents.  There is a beautiful blazing star with a dainty little white aster in the background.  This combination would make a nice addition to my flower bed.  I may try to collect seeds a get these beauties to spread.  But for now it is wonderful to have such pretty additions without an ounce of work!
Also among the wild residents are golden asters...

and the calico aster.
I'm honored that these awesome natives have chosen my little space as home.  Hopefully they will tell their friends to move here too!


  1. How pretty! I wish some of those would volunteer in my garden!

  2. Free native plants are the best!