Saturday, October 22, 2011

Alpacas in the Garden

No I don't have alpacas grazing in my garden, but I am adding their manure to my soil.  I went to Happy Hills Alpaca Farm to pick up bags of manure and got to see, pet, and hang out with the poop providing alpacas.  They are so soft and adorable!  Just look at that face:

They also had several baby alpacas, including this one that was only three days old:

I wanted to take an alpaca home with me!  Like this shy and fuzzy little guy:

I've never used alpaca manure in my garden before.  Usually I get horse manure, but supposedly alpaca doesn't have weed seeds.  If that's true I love alpacas even more!  It also doesn't have high nitrogen so it can be added directly to beds without composting.  I'm planning on adding it now, planting my cover crops, and then have fabulous soil for the spring!  Seems like a win, win situation: nutrients for my garden and visiting adorable alpacas!

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