Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gardening Goals: October

Fall is an exciting and busy time of year.  School is in full swing and somehow I always seem to have grading to do, its kind of like weeding: always on your to-do list, you do it, and then it's time to weed again!  Before we get too far into October its time to set some goals.  I have a love of to-do lists.  I like to show completion with a smiley face :)  Accomplishments are happy times!  So here's my October to-do list:
  • Clean-up garden: tomatoes look pathetic, but yet can't seem to part with them.  October is the month to say a final farewell.
  • Harvest peanuts:  Peanuts are probably one of my favorite things to grow.  I think it's all about anticipation and peanuts sure do make you wait.  Takes almost 6 months from seed to harvest and then you have to dry for a couple of weeks!  
  • Dry herbs: Mint, basil, oregano, thyme, tarragon- should be an easy goal to accomplish.
  • Plant garlic:  I guess this is getting ahead of myself, because first I need to actually buy some garlic! 
  • Order bulbs: I want to add bulbs to the front flower bed and have to decide what to plant and how many.  Very exciting!
  • Add compost:  Feeding the garden is always important.
  • Plant cover crops:  This is my first time planting cover crops, so I can't wait to see how they do during the winter.
  • Mulch:  I plan to collect leaves for mulching, so this will have to wait until the trees decide to give up their leaves.
  • Make cold frame: Another first.  I want to try growing some cool weather crops through the winter, so I need to assemble a simple cold frame.
  • Finish planting fall garden:  I have a few more weeks of planting fall crops.  Going to have to remember to water too.  The past week has seen no rain and that's not encouraging my seeds to sprout.
  • Paint potting shed trim:  This is one of those projects that seems to never get done, so Oct is the month!
Ok, I think its going to be a busy, busy month!  Happy October gardening :)


    1. I have a to-do list as well, but it is not as long this time. I tried to get a lot done in September. That does not happen every year. It was such a good idea for you to make your list, and I really like the sun shining on your pea pod.

    2. Hey Julie! I often make lists of things I've already done and mark them right off, quite nice. If we could grow peanuts here in Oregon I would so be on that in spring. (We love peanuts.) I liked the translucent pea too.

    3. I, too, am having a hard time giving up my scraggling and leaning cherry tomato plants. The problem is that they still have a few green tomatoes, and I hate to pull them up while they're still fruiting! Thanks for the reminder about drying herbs - though parsley and oregano have survived the winter in the past.

    4. Thanks for the pea pod compliments- it was great lighting. @ Sage Butterfly: smart to get fall tasks done in Sept, I'm jealous ;). @ Linniew: I am lucky to get to grow peanuts in the South, but the extra crop time gets balanced out with extra pests. Two rounds of squash vine borers here... they are my nemesis! @ Shelia: I have the same problem with waiting for tomatoes to ripen. And sadly my parsley was completely defoliated by caterpillars.

    5. Oh my that is quite a lot to do... I'm still in denial that Summer is over. Suppose I should be working on my to do's as well... maybe tomorrow. You've inspired me.