Monday, October 3, 2011

Harvest Monday

I found Harvest Mondays on Daphnes Dandelions and I think it's a fabulous idea.  I've only been blogging about my garden for a month, so I kept telling myself I would wait and join the harvest posts in the spring.  You know- when I'm organized and my garden is pretty and prolific (aka.. never!).  So here goes, my first Monday harvest at the beginning of fall:

This week's harvest included a few beans, cherry tomatoes, a sole Amish paste tomato, cayenne peppers, and those green balls are Thai eggplant.
I also had a handful of beans.  Many of my beans got too wet in the past weeks and sprouted!

And then there was the tiniest corn harvest.  I tried to grow two crops of corn this year.  The first crop was planted in early spring and harvested in July.  Then in July I planted round two.  They only grew about 3 ft compared to the 8 ft of the first crop.  Not sure what happened, but I thought the baby corn were kind of cute ;)  Cooked and ate and they were quiet tasty.
I did have to say goodbye to the parsley today.  A sacrifice for the future butterflies...


  1. Those caterpillars are amazing! Do you know what type they are?
    BTW: Welcome to Blotanical - I expect that (like me) you will find many friends in this community.

  2. Hi Mark.. I think they are a type of swallowtail butterfly. They are pretty as caterpillars too and I can live without parsley. Unfortunately now that they've decimated the parsley they've moved on to the carrots! I hope they run off and make their chrysalis soon.. I don't want to lose my carrot harvest.