Monday, November 28, 2011

Harvest Monday

I need to pinch myself.  Is it really the end of November and I just ate a fresh salad from my garden?  Or maybe I should kick myself for not planting a fall/winter garden sooner!

This week in the garden I pulled some turnips that I roasted.  The turnip greens are sitting in the fridge awaiting that fabulous recipe that's going to make me love them!

I cut some lettuce for salad- it's a mix of green leaf, romaine and a mesclun mix.  I'm so use to my lettuce getting bitter that I nibble the ends before adding.  Very nice to have bitter free lettuce!  And yes, the strawberries are still producing at the end of November.

I also pulled the first radishes from the fall garden.

I think fall/ winter gardening is now my favorite- no 100 degree weather, 100% humidity, mosquitoes, chiggers, overabundant pests or rampant weeds! 

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  1. The turnips are beautiful and I'm berry envy of your salad greens.

  2. I love fall/winter gardening! Everything grows so much better and costs less for the water bill ;-) Of course we won't have those heat lovers but I can eat big salads every day!

  3. Some things just are destined to never be delicious - perhaps your compost needs those greens more than you do???? Beautiful radishes

  4. Those strawberries look sooooo delicious.