Monday, November 21, 2011

Harvest Monday

I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week!  This is my first time planting a fall garden, so it's exciting to have harvests in November.  This week I pulled my first turnips.  I like turnips, but I'm still searching for a turnip green recipe I like.  I tried to take the turnip leaves and turn them into chips like kale chips.... well, I'm still searching for a turnip green recipe I like!  Suggestions are welcome.

I also picked a bowl of peas.

And I finally cleared out the pepper bed.  It got down to 25oF one night and I decided to take the row cover from the peppers and cover the fall bed. 

The strawberries are still producing a little bit, but they didn't survive long enough for a photo.  

To see what others are harvesting check out Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions.


  1. Turnips are really pretty aren't they? I've never grown them so I can't help with a recipe for the tops - they are the sort of vegetable that I like but I suspect would just sit around in my fridge saying eat me, eat me while I guiltily cooked the rest (and more interesting part) of the harvest first....I try and avoid growing zucchini for much the same reason....

  2. Beautiful veggies! I like any kind of greens done with diced bacon and onion, then dump in the chopped greens and stir, just long enough to wilt them.

  3. Your harvest is very pretty!


  4. Wow, you're fortunate to have so many veggies to harvest so late in the season. Enjoy your feast!

  5. Wow. Your "harvest" looks wonderful. I'm just trying fall / winter gardening for my first time this year, but since I live in Washington state I had to make a hoop house and cool frame to protect my plants from freezing. I recently started a blog about my gardening. Would you mind checking it out and giving me any pointers, gardening or blogging-wise?