Thursday, November 3, 2011

Funky Spider

A beautiful autumn afternoon lured me to the garden with my camera.

Among the cabbage plants I found the craziest looking spider.

It had such vivid colorings and the biggest abdomen I've seen on a spider!

Its a marbled orbweaver and I'm hoping its working on eating the cabbage worms that have been munching away on my cabbage.

She is a welcome and colorful and addition to my garden!


  1. ooooo I want one too! My son would love him! My daughter would probably run away screaming but I bet she'd really be impressed too. Lovely shots do you have a macro lens?

  2. That is one amazing little spider!

  3. I do have a macro lens, although a cheap one that requires you to get very close to your subject. Luckily this spider cooperated with close-ups!