Monday, June 20, 2016

Harvest Monday 6/20/16

We arrived home from our trip to Upstate New York last night and of course I had to run out to the garden with a flashlight to check it out.  I'm happy to report that the watering timer functioned correctly, so no garden tragedies.  It is always fun to see how much the garden grows when you go away.  The squash and tomatoes seemed to double or triple in size.  I did have a few transplanted seedlings that did not make it and the germination of the peanuts I planted right before we left was dismal.  I haven't had much time to be in the garden yet, but this is what I harvested this morning:

This was my first squash and zucchini harvest.  Luckily they have just begun, so I didn't arrive home to find humongous ones.  The broccoli was also a first for me this spring.  Broccoli is one of my absolute favorite vegetables.  These two heads were quickly steamed and eaten.  Hopefully there will be plenty more broccoli harvests to come.  However, I found two cabbage moths flying around inside the row cover!  I'm going to spray some Bt to hopefully prevent any caterpillars from eating my broccoli.

The kale I harvested was sauteed with the yellow squash and eaten with some eggs for breakfast.  The onions on the left are the last of the fall planted White Castle onions and the ones of the right are the spring planted Red Creole onions.

The summer harvests should be picking up the pace very soon.  There are some green tomatoes and some of the ears of corn look very close to ripe along with some peppers that are currently green.  I will be spending the next week catching up on weeding, harvesting, planting and dealing with bugs.

Since I don't have many garden pictures to share this week, this is where we were camping:  Fair Haven Beach State Park along Lake Ontario.

The place was beautiful and the weather was perfect.  Two nights were downright chilly, which was a nice escape from the upper 90's back home.

Weekly Harvests:

Kale 5.5 oz
Broccoli 13.5 oz
Summer squash 14.6 oz
White Castle onion 1 lb 14. 9 oz
Red Creole onion 12.3 oz

Yearly Total: 121.7

That's all the harvests coming from my garden this week.  To see what others are harvesting, check out Harvest Monday on Our Happy Acres.


  1. It's always good to come back after a trip and see the garden did well! And no overgrown squash, which of course can happen seemingly overnight. Your squash for breakfast had me smiling. I have had it in the morning on many occasions, and I do like okra with my eggs as well. Your camping spot looks lovely.

  2. Looks like you made the right move, camping on Lake Ontario while SC baked (my daughter is in Central). And the garden survived, and you have summer squash. Nice to come home and find no major disasters.

  3. Always nice to get away but I am like you when I get home and like to go to see how the garden and flowers are doing and what needs to be done. Your harvest is looking good. Nancy