Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Growing up my great grandmother had a big pecan tree in her backyard.  In the fall when the pecans would fall to the ground she would send me out with a gallon milk jug with the top cut off and I would spend way too much time picking pecans off the ground.  I'd inspect them for the little holes that weevils or worms would make and only fill the jug with the biggest and most perfect pecans.  She would send us home with this jug of pecans and we would crack and eat them until we were stuffed and content.  Although you had to be careful where you walked because a stray pecan shell shard would always end up underfoot! 

I hope that old pecan tree is still standing and littering the ground with pecans, but that property is no longer in the family.   I've always wanted my own pecan tree.  The problem is that they get very large (100 ft +) and you should plant two to ensure pollination.  I never had the space to plant two pecan trees, until now!  With 12 acres, the first thing we planted was two pecan trees.

I ordered the trees from Stark Bro's: the Surecrop and the Hardy Giant.  When we got them planted they were pathetic little sticks barely a foot tall. 

However, they have finally put out leaves!  Now just stay tuned for 8 - 10 years for when I get my first harvest! 


  1. Oh yay for nut trees. My mum & dad grow hazelnuts and its always a race between the humans and the rodents to see who can get the most nuts when they fall to the ground.

  2. That is the problem with any fruiting tree (well except the dwarf ones). They take so dang long to produce. I wish I could have a nut tree. But space it too much of an issue. I moved to a smaller spot. We only have 9000sqft of property and it is shared by two families.

  3. With 12 acres you can definitely do lots and lots such things :-). I am excited for you. Are you planting other fruit and nut trees?

    1. Oh so many things I want to plant... peaches, apples, cherries, almonds, figs, pears, or the list just keeps going! Someday. I hope to get more fruit trees next year, didn't have the time or money to get more started this year.

  4. Yum, I love pecans. It seems like a great long term investment. What's an 8 to 10 year wait comapred to the many years that those trees will be dropping nuts for you!