Thursday, June 20, 2013

Farewell to a Loved Garden

Tomorrow is the big day.. we finally close on our new house!  I love our new place and the land.  It is such a quiet and peaceful place, plus the potential for growing things seems unlimited on 12 acres.

But there is the bittersweet goodbye to my garden.  I've always been the type to get attached and I am horrible at goodbyes.  I suppose only a gardener would understand the labor and love that went into growing and nurturing plants, to stroll through the garden and have a history and story to tell about every plant.  The ones I grew from seeds, the ones I got from the clearance (aka. verge of death) section at the nursery and now have to battle to keep them from taking over the yard, the ones I hand picked pests off, and all the ones that make me smile.

Of course there will be more plants and stories.  I do love the idea of leaving a trail of gardens and flowers behind whenever I leave.  The gardener's legacy.. making the world a more beautiful place one yard at a time!

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  1. I've sold two houses so far. I left gardens at them both. In a way I was happy as the people who bought the places both wanted to keep the gardens. Both had never gardened before.