Monday, April 22, 2013

Harvest Monday 4/22/13

Happy Earth Day!!  I hope everyone gets to spend some time digging in the dirt and appreciating nature.  It has been a busy gardening week here.  I've been trying to plant the old and new garden.  I keep forgetting to take pictures of the new garden because by the time I remember to load all the tools, seedlings, seeds, watering can, and anything else I might need into my car, the camera has been long forgotten.  I did get all the tomato seedlings planted, half of the peppers planted, lettuce seeds sowed, and a 50 ft row of sunflowers planted!  I think I went a bit overboard with the size of the new garden since I have room for that many sunflowers.  The birds and rodents are going to love me!

Anyway, back to harvest Monday.  This week I harvested most of the leeks (2.1 lbs).  These have been in the garden forever!  Well, at least it seems like forever.  I planted them last spring, so a year later I finally harvested and ate them.  I made them into little Leek and Potato Pies and the leek tops I will use to make some vegetable stock.  I doubt I will ever grow many leeks because they take up space in the garden for so long, but they seem easy to grow and you can ignore them for a very, very long time.

Also this week I harvested the first of the spring planted crops: spinach leaves!  I pulled a couple of little carrots and picked some more broccoli side shoots.  The broccoli is completely covered in aphids right now.  I soaked the broccoli in water to try and get all the aphids off, followed by a high pressure spray in every direction.  I still had to inspect every bite before eating!

This week's tally:

Broccoli: 1.3 oz
Spinach :1.6 oz
Carrots: 2.1 oz
Leeks: 2.1 lbs

Weekly total: 2 lbs, 5 oz

That's all the harvests coming from my garden this week, to see what others are harvesting check out Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions.


  1. aren't those little buggers so frustrating! I hate to get a little bug on my plate cause then I don't want to finish it. And I worked so hard to grow it! Hope you get rid of them. Nice little harvest too!

  2. Nice harvest. I love broccoli but can't eat it because I am never sure all the bugs and worms are gone. It's almost a phobia with me. I heard soaking in salt water helps.

    1. Oh it was salt water.. I tried vinegar with water and it wasn't very effective. Spraying worked well. I was going to eat it raw in a salad, but decided to steam it to at least kill any left over aphids. Somehow cooked aphids seem better than raw ones!

  3. It seems you blanched the leek? What method did you use or how did you use it? Nice harvest.

    1. This is the recipe I used:
      I will stick the leek tops in a crock pot with some potatoes, carrots, celery and make a veggie stock.