Friday, March 2, 2012

Revisiting February Garden Goals

Remember how productive I was in January?  Well, keep that in mind as I recap my Feb garden goals. 
  1. Start seeds inside: broccoli, cauliflower, onion, leeks, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, parsley, celery, eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes are all started.  I've had a learning curve with my new heat mats that resulted in some seedling causalities.  We've had some really warm days and without a thermostat I cooked the seedlings!  Next year I need a thermostat.
  2. Starting seeds outside: I planted some peas and spinach this month
  3. Harden off: Well, I would have done this, but the leeks, onions, and parsley that should have started getting use to outdoor weather were cooked by the heat mat.
  4. Clean up beds: This seems like a never ending project, but I did do a bit of weeding this month.
  5. Build raspberry bed: I did build a 8'x2' bed for the raspberries and it is in the ground, but not filled with soil and manure yet.
  6. Prettify the potting shed: This was partially done.  We put up the lattice around the shed's foundation.  However, I didn't finish painting the shelves (ran out of paint), make the workbench skirt, or make a window box.
  7. Finish potting shed bed: I need to get some topsoil and mix in manure to get the new bed ready for planting. This didn't happen.  Part of the problem was the brakes on the truck decided to stop working!  They are fixed now, so hopefully this will happen in March.
  8. Make a bee mason house: I did make this and I will post the project and pictures very soon.
  9. Start on the path to the garden: Well, the only thing I can say I did was use a hose to outline where I want the path.  No digging has happened yet.
  10. Clean garden tools: I didn't get to this last month, so maybe Feb March will be the time to do it. 
After I went through my list, it wasn't as bad as I thought.  Despite the broken truck, going out of town, and a shorter month I didn't do too shabby in February.


  1. You did a lot; I will be waiting for your mason bee project; I want to build one by myself as well. Also, please more pictures of your post as you beautify it.

    1. I just posted the bee mason house. It was a really easy project and much cheaper than buying one.

  2. That is productive! I have been meaning to put up a climbing frame for my beans all month whilst they continue to grow intertwining and creating a real mess...

    1. Those silly plants never seem to wait for us to finish our projects. The good thing is that they keep growing and producing regardless of whether they are growing where and how we want them to grow!

  3. Someone once said that if you shoot for the moon, you may only hit the tree tops. You may not have gotten everything done, but.a lot more than if you only had half a list! Besides, if you had finished it, what would you do next month? If you are like me you'd still have plenty to do! My mom fried some of her starts last year on the heat mats, (and she's a master gardener) so she definitely recommended I get the thermostats. I did so we have killed them that way, however, there are many more as I am sure I'll discover.

    1. Yes, I always seem to dream bigger than what I can really do, but when I look back its great to see that I still accomplished a lot. With spring right around the corner, there's going to be plenty to do next month! And with gardening it always seems that there is a project to do. I ended up turning off the heating mats since it's been so warm, but next spring I'm definitely getting a thermostat.