Monday, March 5, 2012

Harvest Monday 3/5/12

I missed out on harvest Monday last week, so this is a double week harvest report. 

The broccoli has decided to bolt.  My first broccoli harvest was back on Dec 21st, so I've had two months of harvesting and eating broccoli.  I cut all the side shoots this week weighing in at 12.2 oz:

My total broccoli harvest for the fall was a little over 4 lbs.  I'm happy with my harvest and I've found growing broccoli in the fall and winter results in more harvest and a longer harvest.  In the spring the broccoli tends to bolt quickly as the weather warms.  Next year I will definitely grow broccoli in the fall and I'm planning on doubling the number of plants.  I planted cauliflower at the same time as the broccoli and my cauliflower harvest still stands at zero.  The good thing is that I like broccoli much more than cauliflower!

Harvest (2 weeks):
Broccoli: 14.2 oz
Spinach: 0.5 oz
Lettuce: 2.99 oz
Radish: 5.1 oz

Two week total: 23.3 oz
Yearly total: 15.93 lbs worth $25.63

Here's one of my winter salads:


  1. Nice looking broccoli harvest! YOu might try some different varieties and planting dates for both broccoli and cauliflower. Some varieties are bred for spring planting and some for fall. You might also think of trying a late winter sowing to perhaps pick up when the fall planting is bolting... I'm still experimenting myself.

  2. My broccoli bolts in Spring too. I do find Autumn (Fall) plantings are much more successful - I also dont get as many aphids in Autumn.

  3. What has happened to the cauliflower? It didn't produce, mature? Isn't it too early for Broccoli to bolt? Maybe not here as it is still too cold in the night and also in the day.

    1. Well for one the cauliflower didn't get a row cover. I only have about 5 plants and I planted them where I had space at the time and only 1 ended up under a row cover. One appeared to start producing a crown, but it turned black and went away- not sure why. As for the broccoli, we've had plenty of days in the 70's and nights only in the 40's, so the broccoli is probably convinced it is already spring.