Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I stumbled across this eastern black swallowtail butterfly on the garden fence one morning in the garden.

The amazing part is that it had just emerged from its cocoon and couldn't open its wings all the way.

I love all the little discoveries I make being out in the garden.  I also love the renewal and newness that spring brings.


  1. What a beautiful, hope-filled gift!!!

  2. Isn't she fabulous - I was looking at the first photo thinking how perfect her wings looked - often butterflies can look a bit bedraggled can't they? Now I know why - a new born so to speak - great photos.

  3. that is a beautiful butterfly! I don't get to see many - I don't know if its the area or I don't have the right flowers. I remember buying the chrysalis' (not sure of the grammer there) and watching them emerge then fly away. That would sure be nice butterfly to have around the garden though!