Friday, February 3, 2012

Revisiting January Garden Goals

The first month of 2012 has already flown by and with my giant list of 2012 projects, it is time to see how I am doing.  

January Gardening Goals:
  1. Finish potting shed - the shed is functional with shelves and workbench, but I do want to do some painting and make it a bit cozier.
  2. Set-up my seed starting station - Baby seedlings are happily growing on the heat mats with hanging lights.
  3. Start seeds! - I started broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, leeks, head lettuce, onion seed, parsley, and Chinese cabbage.
  4. Build bed in front of potting shed - The bed is built!  I wasn't expecting to finish this in January.  I still need a fill the bed and then start planting in the spring, but the structure is built!  
 I also want to put something around the foundation of the shed.
Here's a side view:

  1. Asparagus - I ordered my asparagus- Jersey Knight, 25 crowns.
  2. Harvest and weigh winter crops -yep, I'm still thrilled about weighing harvests
  3. Plan spring garden - I've mapped out where everything is going to be planted and how many seedlings I'm going to need.  Now we'll see if I stick to the plan!
  4. Make seed starting journal - So far I've kept track of what I planted and when, hopefully I can keep up with this even when spring gets very busy!
  5. Clean and sharpen garden tools- nope!  This will be carried over to next month.
Whew!  I'm exhausted after realizing how much I did this month.  Not a bad start to the year!


  1. WoW! Amazing! Hearty Congratulations. You really did so much? I am ashamed; I need to learn from you. Your shade looks really cute and cosy :-).

    1. I'm not sure what happened this month. I did have a week off work and it was unusually warm, so maybe that's how so much got accomplished. I don't think this is a normal for me!

  2. Wow, your gardening projects keep you busy. I found you via Blotanical and am stopping by to say Hi.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love all the garden blogs you can discover at Blotanical.

  3. Such productivity, and in winter no less, just think what you'll able to achieve in lovely Spring....

    1. I was hoping this meant I got to take a spring off ;)