Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Harvest Monday 2/20/12

Not much going on in the garden this week.  We almost saw a snowflake, but alas we only saw rain and the snow stayed about an hour north of here.  There was a little coating of ice that made for a not so speedy commute Monday morning.  I'm still hoping for a snowflake siting before spring official arrives.

As for harvests:
Broccoli 0.3 oz - a few little side shoots keep coming
Lettuce 1.1 oz
Radish 15 oz

Weekly total: 16.4 oz
Yearly total: 14.33 lbs worth $21.67

I did not take pictures of my little harvest this week, so I will leave you with a photo of raindrop on broccoli. 

To see what others are harvesting check out Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions.


  1. beautiful shot! I can;t wait for out broccoli

  2. I love the photo of a raindrop on the broccoli. I am still harvesting broccoli because we have had mild temperatures. It is such a perfect vegetable for this climate.

  3. Great picture. Our broccoli is just tiny plants with feeder leaves.

  4. Any harvest even small is a great achievement and so rewarding.
    And the little raindrop,magic............

  5. It's good that you are keeping track of how much your garden worth. I should do that too but it's so difficult to realize how much they are worth because it seems like each vegetable has a different cost in different stores!