Sunday, January 1, 2012

Proposed Garden Projects 2012

 I have a problem with making lists... I tend to go overboard!  There are so many garden projects I would like to do and when I made my list it ended up with 28 things.  I think I need an army of garden gnomes to help me complete all of these projects!
  1. Stone path to garden - I want a stepping stone and pea gravel path to my garden from the back deck.  I just need those gnomes to dig out the path for me!
  2. Finish potting shed - This project should be completed within the month, all that is left to do is a workbench and shelves.
  3. Set-up seed starting center - On the soon to be built workbench, I want to set-up grow lights and heating mats to start seedlings.
  4. Make bed in front of potting shed - I have bricks leftover from the garden retaining walls and I want to make a bed in front of the shed.  It is a shady spot and I'm thinking of a mix of flowers like bleeding heart and columbine and some cool season crops that might enjoy the shade such as cabbage and lettuce.
  5. Window box for shed  - This should be a simple project and will make the shed adorable!
  6. Plant blueberry bushes - I can't wait to have fresh blueberries.  I've begun researching varieties, which you can read all about here
  7. Plant bed of raspberries - This is a maybe project for this year, I may just focus on blueberries this year and plant raspberries next year. 
  8. Make a rain garden by driveway - This is a dream project.  We really need this because when it rains the water pours down the driveway and floods the walkway to the front door.  It has even seeped into the garage when it really downpours.  Building a rain garden will require a lot of digging and digging in clay is not an easy or speed endeavor. 
  9. Get shredder for mulching - My compost pile is a mess!  I really need an easy way to chopped up things like corn stalks.  We also do not have a bag for the lawn mower, so there is no easy way to mulch leaves.
  10. Make a rain gauge - This should be an easy project that will help me to know how much and when to water.
  11. Watering system - Another dream project, I want to bury pipes to carry water to each bed with a soaker hose system in each bed.  This will make watering easy and much more efficient.  However, I think I may have to find a second job to support the cost of all my gardening projects!  
  12. Stone and pea gravel garden paths - Another digging project!  I dream of permanent paths with no weeds. 
  13. Start woodland garden - Half of the backyard is wooded and we have a nice little path, but it needs woodland wildflowers. 
  14. Make garden fountain -A little water feature will be a nice addition to the garden and perhaps bring more birds to the backyard.
  15. Build a fire pit - Another dream project requiring lots of digging and probably lots of money.
  16. Plant grapes - My garden arbor is looking empty and I think grapes will be the perfect addition.
  17. Plant asparagus - I'm excited to get asparagus planted.  I just have to decide on where to plant them, how many, and what varieties.
  18. Grow sweet potatoes - I've never grown sweet potatoes and want to add them to my garden, the only problem is where to put them!
  19. Plant more flowers and shrubs in front bed - I took out several large shrubs from the front bed that were overgrown and now it seems empty and sad.  I'm thinking of adding some dwarf azaleas and I want lamb's ears that I can pet on the way to the front door!
  20. Mailbox garden - The mailbox is surrounded by boring grass, so I want to dress it up with a border and some flowers.  These flowers are going to have to be able to tolerate brutal summers because I doubt I will tow water up to the mailbox very often.
  21. Bench for woods - A bench is needed as is part of my woodland garden design.  It will be a nice place to sit in the shade and admire the soon-to-be woodland garden.
  22. Make canning labels - I've seen some adorable canning labels online and I want to make one using a picture of my garden.
  23. Learn to use a pressure canner - I received a pressure canner for my birthday and the instructions completely intimidated me, so I want to take a class on how to pressure can.  I took a similar class for water bath canning last year, which was my first year of canning.
  24. Make platform bird feeder - I keep telling myself to make my yard more welcoming for feathered friends, but I never seem to get around to hanging up feeders.  I want to make a platform feeder to attach to the deck with the added benefit of hopefully getting some good photos.
  25. Add a bee mason house to garden - This is another goal focusing on encouraging wildlife to visit (and pollinate) my garden plants.
  26. Mirrors for fence - The back of my garden is up against a tall wooden fence and unfortunately it is on the south side, so it creates too much shade.  I'm going to try hanging mirrors on the fence to reflect some light.  I'm thinking of getting old window frames and adding mirrored tiles.
  27. Put weathervane on potting shed - I saw an adorable black lab weathervane that would add to the adorableness of the potting shed.
  28. Plant labels - I currently use little plastic labels that I write on, but the words become unreadable in a few weeks.  I would like more durable labels.  I saw this project about making copper ones that I love. 
Am I ambitious?  Definitely!  Am I delusional?  Probably!  I know I will not have the time or money to complete all of these projects in 2012.  I say if one gets done each month, then I will be happy.  Plus I will never be bored with nothing to do in 2012!


    1. Hope you get to do the water fountain :) and perhaps the rain garden!

    2. Hope you get to do the water fountain :) and perhaps the rain garden!

    3. Wow! you have a fantastic list. I am going to steal it and start making some of them. Please document everything and take lots of pictures. I will learn a lot from them. I also started gardening in 2010.

    4. Having a huge list is one of the things I do too. I have a review of an electric garden shredder at You could probably find lots of cool old mirrors at yard sales and thrift stores. Pressure canners are not scary once you become friends- the ones with dial gauges are easier to figure out. I'm pretty sure there are some youtube videos on how to use one. You could make a bench out of a couple tree stumps and a big board or log. I find if I can do at least a little bit every day, then eventually the projects get done.

    5. Thanks nhgarden... the fountain I want is not difficult, it's a watering can and a wash tub (, but I think it'll be the perfect addition to a garden :) The rain garden is going to be much more work.

      KL.. You can motivate me by doing some of the same projects and I will try to remember to take pictures. I tend to forget the before and during pictures and focus on finished project, but I will try to remember. I went and took potting shed in progress photos today.

      Mary.. Thanks for the shredder link. I'm trying the "little bit every day method" and hopefully before I know it I'll get to mark projects off the list. For a mirror, I read it's good to use mirrored shower doors since they are designed to get wet, so I'll be scoping out thrift stores.

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    7. Wow! Looks like you will be busy for awhile. Good way to keep track of your goals. Good Luck!