Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Garden Goals

Winter has been a bit busier than I expected.  I'm still hoping for a snow day, but with the extremely mild temperatures we've had this winter it's not looking possible.  This month is going to be all about preparing for spring.  However, I need to keep working on that ambitious 2012 project list.

  1. Start seeds inside: broccoli, cauliflower, onion, leeks, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, parsley, celery, eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes are on the list for Feb.
  2. Starting seeds outside: peas and spinach
  3. Harden off: leeks, onions, and parsley
  4. Clean up beds: get the beds ready for spring planting, those winter annuals have enjoyed the mild temperatures a bit too much!
  5. Build raspberry beds: I wasn't sure if I was going to plant raspberries this year, but I ended up ordering them with my asparagus order.  Why pay multiple shipping charges?  However, this means I've got to make a bed for them before they arrive in the spring.
  6. Prettify the potting shed: paint shelves, make workbench skirt, install trellis around foundation of shed and maybe even make a windowbox.
  7. Finish potting shed bed: I need to get some topsoil and mix in manure to get the new bed ready for planting.  It's a shady spot so I was originally planning for shade flowers, but now I want to squeeze in some veggies like lettuce, peas, cabbage that will hopefully appreciate some shade.
  8. Make a bee mason house: I'm trying to make my garden more friendly to wildlife and attract pollinators.
  9. Start on the path to the garden: This is going to be a digging project that may take awhile, maybe if I start it now I'll finish before the year ends!  
  10. Clean garden tools: I didn't get to this last month, so maybe Feb will be the time to do it.
Well see if February is going to be as productivity as January. 

Happy February gardening!  I still can't believe I have radishes growing in Feb, crazy! 


  1. Boy those are some fine radishes! It looks like you have a busy gardening month!

  2. Please post pictures of your gardens; it seems it will look fabulous once the winter is gone and spring is here. What do you mean by hardening off leak, parsley, onion? Thanks.

    1. I just posted what my garden looks like this month. Hardening off is when you take seedlings that have been growing inside and let them acclimate to outdoor weather and sun. I usually put the seedlings in a sheltered and shady spot for a few days, but bring them in at night if it is cold outside. Then I move them to a spot where they get more sun to slow acclimate them to growing outside.

  3. Good luck with all those tasks, you have a busy month ahead!