Friday, June 21, 2013

The New Garden

I couldn't handle the thought of not having a garden this summer, so the plan was to put in a low maintenance garden.  Silly me, how many gardens are really low maintenance?  The plan was to till up some beds and leave the grass in between and wide enough to mow.

Unfortunately grass doesn't like to stay where you want it.  I didn't have a lot of time for weeding since the new place was 40 minutes from the old place.  My main goal was to get things planted.  I am very excited to have a garden that actually gets sun!  I'm hoping that will result in more harvests and quicker harvests.

The other problem was the lack of water access.  I had to haul water back and forth from the pond, which was not fun.  Luckily we had a really wet spring, so I got away with minimal watering.

Despite the challenges, I do have plants growing.  I'm not counting on a fabulous harvest this year, so far I've had the potatoes decimated by potato beetles, the deer did some bean and pepper browsing, and then half the garden was immersed in what looked like cement for several days after the well was drilled.   I also did absolutely nothing to improve the soil except trying to remove lots and lots of rocks.  

We've even have had our first harvest:

Hopefully there will be many more veggies to come.  (However, this was the only pea harvest because I went to try to remove a rock that was in the soil near the peas.  The rock turned out to be a boulder that required the tractor to get out.  Unfortunately the pea plants didn't survive the boulder extraction!)

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  1. I'm not fond of the commuter garden. I did that one year, luckily my two houses were closer together than yours were.