Friday, March 8, 2013

Fell Off the Blogging Bandwagon!

Life has gotten in the way of my garden and my blog.

There are big changes coming to my garden, but it was all so uncertain for so many months that I didn't want to write about what might happen and then have to retract my excitement.  However, the changes are definitely going to happen and very soon!

But before I get ahead of myself there's some things to catch up on in the garden...

  1. I harvested my first ever leek!  I've always been too impatient for leeks, but my garden neglect allowed them to actually grow to a decent size.
  2. Harvest total for 2012 was 241.5 lbs.  I may have missed a few pounds here and there.  My goal was 300 lbs, so I didn't quiet make it, but I was impressed with myself for keeping track of my harvests.
  3. Garden goals accomplished for 2012:
  4. Watering can and metal tub fountain
    1. Chalkboard plant labels
    2. Bee mason house
    3. Add flowers and shrubs to the front flower bed
    4. Grow sweet potatoes
    5. Plant asparagus
    6. Plant grapes
    7. Make garden fountain
    8. Make rain gauge
    9. Plant bed of raspberries
    10. Plant blueberry bushes
    11. Make bed in front of potting shed
    12. Set up seed starting center
    13. Finish potting shed
My DIY rain gauge

Domino hanging out in the potting shed

2012 was a good year in the garden and 2013 is going to bring lots of changes, lots of projects, and lots of veggies (hopefully!).  Last year my goal was to weigh my harvests; this year my goal is to not fall off the blogging bandwagon (again)! 


  1. 241 lbs is pretty nice. At my last garden I was always in the low 200s. Sometimes I'm not quite sure what to do with all the space I have.

  2. I like the rain gauge, simple yet elegant. I've never grown leeks, but i always like success because I've forgotten about something. Usually it dies, but last year I forgot about some beets and they ended up being bigger and tastier because I didn't eat them too young.