Friday, July 27, 2012

What's Your Favorite Seed Starting Mix?

I've been starting seeds for fall and ran out of the bag of seed starting mix I bought in the spring.  I've now discovered that stores around here do not think seed starting should happen now.  It seems to be something they stock in the spring and if you're lucky you'll find a bag.  I normally buy an organic mix, but can't find it anywhere.  I really should make my own mix.  So what's your seed starting recipe?  And where do you get the ingredients?


  1. I use pro mix. This year I thought ahead and purchased a big bale in late winter. The garden center that I go to does keep it in stock all year round though.

    I have made my own in the past and haven't found it to be any better or less expensive.

  2. I use a locally produced organic mix. I have made my own though. Since I do soil blocks I use Coleman's mix. But my locally produced mix grows seedlings about a week faster than anything else I've tried. The seedlings love it. Sadly I can't get it here but once a year during the Northeast Organic Farmers Association bulk buy. I'll need to stock up on it in the next one as I'm near the bottom of my last bag.

  3. I use organic potting mix. One year I used seed starting mix and my plants never took off. Using organic potting mix saves me the hassle of transplanting once they sprout. Would love to be able to find ProMix in my area. I would use that it I could find it.