Monday, July 23, 2012

Harvest Monday 7/16 and 7/23

I spent the past week camping in upstate New York and missed last week's harvest Monday.  It was nice to have a break from South Carolina heat and humidity.  It's so hard to leave the garden during peak season, but at the same time it's fun to come back to lots of veggies to harvest.  So today I have two weeks to report:

It's definitely summertime here with tomatoes and peppers along with a lone carrot I pulled.

Before leaving I harvested everything I could:

I harvested the first Sugar Baby Watermelon.  I still need to get better at telling when a melon is ripe.  I'm not good at the sound they make when you thump them, so I tried the dried tendril technique and it wasn't too accurate.  The melon was edible, but definitely could have been riper.  However, I was afraid to leave it to the squirrels while I was gone.

When I came home, before unpacking the car, I had to run and check on the garden.  I was greeted with lots of tomatoes:


There were plenty of green beans, my first yellow bell pepper, a few cucumbers, and my proudest harvest: a Hubbard squash.  This was my trap crop for the vine borers, so I was ecstatic to actually harvest.

Here's my two week harvest tally:
Carrots: 2.7 oz
Cucumber: 4.1 lbs
Tromboncino squash: 1.9 lbs
Banana pepper: 13.1 oz
Bell pepper: 9 oz
Yellow pear tomato: 3.3 lbs
Tomatoes (I gave up keep track of the different varieties): 10.2 lbs
Eggplant: 8.1 oz
Hubbard squash: 5.7 lbs
Green beans: 2.6 lbs

Total: 34.19 lbs

Two week total:  34.19 lbs
Yearly total: 134.64 lbs worth $240.89

That's all the harvests coming from my garden this week, to see what others are harvesting check out Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions.

Happy Gardening!


  1. What a colorful harvest! I know what you mean about the squirrels. Our yard is littered with half eaten tomatoes.

  2. Everything looks absolutely wonderful! Great haul!

  3. Beautiful harvests and so colorful.

  4. I'm sitting here drooling and thinking of all the delicious things i could make with that lot. Fantastic work and they all look so perfect!

  5. Beautiful harvest! Tomatoes and peppers look so colorful and very nice pumpkin!