Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Revisiting June Garden Goals

June was really, really hot with very little rain.  I'm surprised the garden is still surviving.  The heat sure did put a damper in my garden productivity, so I'm glad the veggies are making up for my lack of productivity. 
  • Plant seeds outside: I planted an extra bed of carrots and bush beans.  The carrots didn't have the best germination rate.  I was a bit of a slacker keeping the area moist with all the heat.  I also planted a second crop of potatoes.  I didn't really have the space available, so I only planted a few. 
  • Plant seeds inside: I started onion, leeks, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and head lettuce.  I also started some replacement cucumbers. 
  • Weeding: I've weeded some, but I've been a bit of a slacker in the heat.  I was hoping the heat would take out some of the weeds, but no they seem to be thriving. 
  • Pest patrol:  The battle with the squash bugs, vine borers, Japanese beetles, and hornworms continues.  
  • Mulch the rest of the beds. Well, I did some, but not all.
  • Bench in the woods: So, I want a cozy outdoor daybed with a mosquito net canopy.  I did find a daybed on Craigslist.  However, I still need to spray paint it, get a mattress and make a waterproof cover.  I've had little motivation for this project because it is way too hot to relax outside. 
  • Start installing a watering system: I have pipes running to each bed in the front terrace of the garden.  I'm not going to be able to run emitter lines until fall because the beds are too overgrown with veggies right now. I will posted the project soon.
  • Start on the pea gravel garden paths:  I've dug up all the paths in the front terrace except one side of the melon bed because they've invaded the path.  The next step is to put down weed cloth, some sand, and pea gravel.  The hot, humid weather is not cooperating with this project, so it may take a bit longer.
Here's how the garden is looking:


  1. Your garden looks like its holding up really well in the heat, my tomatoes usually start looking ill as soon as it warms up.

    1. I tried planting varieties that can handle the summers here- really hot and really humid. This is a good website for the varieties:

  2. Yay! Another Carolina gardner/blogger. Your garden looks gorgeous! Mine is a tangled mess right now. I wish mine were 1/2 as nice to look at as yours. :)

  3. your garden techniques is awesome, Definitely you will get successive harvest.