Sunday, June 3, 2012

Revisiting May Garden Goals

I never actually posted garden goals for May, so this means I get to list what I did and I will never know what I should have done ;)
  • Plant sweet potatoes: After constantly asking the Farmer's Exchange when the sweet potatoes come in, they arrived mid May.  The sweet potato slips were tied up into bundles and when I inquired about how many were in a bundle.  The answer: about 100!  I don't have room for a hundred sweet potato slips! I was thinking about ten since this is my first attempt growing them.  We then went hunting for packs of nine that were potted, but were never found.  After following people around for about 30 minutes in the search for potted sweet potatoes, they finally ended up breaking up one of the bundles of 100 for my tiny ten slips.  Then they didn't even charge me for them!  So if I don't get a single sweet potato I will have lost no money. 
  • Plant seeds: corn, peanuts, carrots, lettuce, inside: cabbage and Chinese cabbage.  You may remember last month I had cutworm problems with my corn, so I had to make collars and they did much, much better.

  • Plant herbs: dill, sage, lemongrass.  I did not get ginger started this year.  Oh well, guess I'll try next spring.
  • Weeding!: Right now the garden is surprisingly weed free.  Nothing like visits from some garden loving friends to inspire me to weed.  Now if only I can keep up the weedless look!
  • Mulch: I've used straw to mulch some of the beds.  I need to get more and mulch more.  It looks like it is going to be a hot and dry summer, so the more mulch the better.
  • Finish plant labels: You can check out the plant label project here.

  • Paint potting shed shelves
  • Make potting shed burlap skirt- the inside of the potting shed is all done now.  I will posted photos of it soon.

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  1. I like your corn collars - very dignified. Even 10 sweet potato plants is quite a lot, especially if they are the spreading type. You'd have to have a huge area to grow 100, nice thought though....