Monday, May 7, 2012

Harvest Monday 5/7/12

I had an exciting harvest this week because I harvested something new for the year.  Of course I will keep you in suspense until the end of this post to find out what it is! 

Not so new, but always wonderful to have is lettuce.  Fresh salads are one of my favorite things from the garden.  Plenty of salads this week with 6.2 oz of lettuce:

The white veggies in that salad are radishes.  To be precise, one radish (0.4 oz) that I harvested a bit small to put in my salad:

I also finally harvested the last of the winter planted beets (1.75 lbs).  Many of these beets were small, but some were starting to bolt and they are occupying the bed where peanuts needed to be planted.  Despite their size, the beets are still tasty and colorful:

You may recall the pretty carrots I harvested last week.  This week I also harvested the rest of the winter planted carrots (1.6 lbs), but other than their colors they are not very pretty.  They were cracking and deformed and really hard to get out of the ground.  Many of them broke when I tried to pull them. 

The problem is that my raised beds are only four inches deep and these carrots were in the low terrace of the garden right next to the wall for the upper terrace.  When we built the garden we had to compact the dirt for the upper terrace wall and the place where the carrots were must have gotten compacted.  I'm impressed they grew as long as they did and hopefully they loosened the soil for future veggies. 

You will see no beautiful pictures of delicious strawberries this week because I harvested one little strawberry at 0.3 oz that was eaten before the camera showed up.  If only the squirrels would at least weigh their strawberry harvests before they eat them!  I'm going to the hardware store today to get some netting or wiring to hopefully end the squirrels stealing all my strawberries!

And last, after making you wait through the whole post is the new harvest for this week.. peas!  Not a lot yet (0.4 oz), but there's nothing tastier than fresh peas (I probably say that about every veggie the first time I harvest them!).

Weekly total: 3.8 lbs
Yearly total: 36.43 lbs worth $78.61

That's all the harvests coming from my garden this week, to see what others are harvesting check out Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions.

Happy Gardening!


  1. You saved the best for last! What a beautiful photo of peas in their pod.

  2. Hi! Your peas look so yummy. Can't wait for mine! Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage

  3. Oh yes, the first of any harvest is always the tastiest. Beautiful photos.

  4. Those beets are simply gorgeous!

  5. Perfect peas, perfectly photographed and looking perfectly tasty. Hope mine look as good in a month or two.

  6. I'm eagerly awaiting the first flowers on the peas. I think I'm going to be waiting a while though. Your peas look beautiful.

  7. What gorgeous colors! Your beets look divine!!! I'm hoping to grow some golden beets this year, too :-)

  8. love all the beautiful colors in your harvest. And yes the best for last. Nothing beats homegrown peas.

  9. I've been eating some of the freshly picked shelling peas right in the garden too! Your beets look like decent sized beets to me :) Beets (and root crops in general) are difficult for us to grow, although it seems that each year we're having more success so something in the soil is probably getting to be where it's supposed to.

  10. Excellent harvests. We can't wait for our harvests to start looking like that. I love the colorful root veggies.

  11. Winter beets no matter what the size is always taste very sweet. Peas are one of the best home-grown veggies. I can make my boys behave when I have some fresh pea harvest. Nice harvest!