Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby Birds Update

A few weeks ago I posted about the first little eastern phoebe to hatch in a nest on my front porch.  In watching nature and gardening you learn that there are successes and failures.  These little birds were no different.  Here's how they looked on April 19th:

Then a tragedy, one of the little birds fell out of the nest.  Well I suppose I should not be naive, the little bird may have been pushed out of the nest by his siblings.  Siblicide (that's siblings killing siblings) is common among birds.  Here's an article about egrets if you want to read more about it.  Basically there's only so much food resources available, so by removing a sibling the chance of the remaining birds surviving is higher. 

Here's the remaining three birds:

Today I wanted to take another picture because they were getting big and I thought they may fly away soon.  I climbed up the ladder with my camera and then the mom and all three of the chicks flew away!  I guess I will be seeing them around the yard and garden.  I read about this species and they are vegetarians, so I bet I will be seeing them in the garden.  I may not think they are so cute when they start snatching my fruits and veggies.  It will be another lesson in the successes and failures of nature!

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