Monday, July 4, 2016

Harvest Monday 7/4/2016

Happy 4th of July from my garden!  We finally got a good amount of much needed rain this week.  It looks like the coming week will be hot and dry, so I'm sure the veggies appreciated some rainfall. There were plenty of veggies from the garden for our 4th of July grilling celebration.  No cookout is complete without some fresh grilled corn.

This is New Mama Super Sweet Corn, which is an open pollinated variety.  It was very delicious, however, I had horrible germination rates with this variety.  Out of over 200 seeds, I only got about 60 plants.  I'm going to save some seeds just to see how they do, but I did go ahead and plant a later round of Honey Select corn.

There was a repeat from last week, another wild blackberry pie.  There are still plenty of blackberries even though there seem to be endless flocks of birds.  We picked plenty on a very hot and humid day, which was a very sweaty endeavor.  However, a scrumptious blackberry pie for the holiday was worth the sweat.

I also harvested peppers, squash and zucchini this week.  I seem to be getting about one squash or zucchini per day, which has been manageable.  The peppers and squash got grilled along with some onions.  The pepper plants are loaded with fruit.  I just need to be a bit more patient and wait for them to turn red.

The broccoli is doing well.

And was used in this broccoli and quinoa casserole.  The recipe called for pesto, so I picked some basil and made my first batch of the year.

I got my first beans this week.  I think I will use them in some stir fry since I don't have very many at this point.  I've also been harvesting a few okra.  I'm not sure why I decided to plant a single okra plant.  I'm not really a fan of it and so far I haven't used any of it.  I did discover that J has never had okra, so I need to figure out how to introduce him to it.  Hopefully he will like it more than me!

The cucumbers are also getting picked regularly, just a couple per day.  I haven't begun pickling them yet, but that will have to begin soon.  I also dug up the last of the spring planted carrots.  It has been a very good carrot year for me.

There was also some more spring planted Red Creole Onions.

Weekly harvests:

Carrots 17 oz
Broccoli 2.7 lbs
Beets 2 lbs
Onion 4.9 lbs
Summer squash  7 lbs
Peppers 14.1 oz
Okra  2.9 oz
Corn 1.8 lbs
Cucumber 4.3 lbs
Green beans 3.2 oz

Yearly harvest: 157.7 lbs

That's all the harvests coming from my garden this week.  To see what others are harvesting, check out Harvest Monday on Our Happy Acres.


  1. Your corn and blackberry pie looks so delicious. You're getting so many wonderful and different things from your garden. Our broccoli is way behind this year, it doesn't look like they'll be heading up anytime soon.

    1. Broccoli can be hit or miss for spring plantings here because of the heat. I've found the heat tolerant hybrids seem to be doing better.

  2. Wonderful harvests! And corn already?? Mine is barely a foot tall! I'm crossing my fingers that I don't get any corn stalk munchers again this year.

    Loving the broccoli and quinoa casserole - must try that with the broccoli I have left in the fridge. And that's so funny about the okra - I think we veg gardeners are so addicted to growing things that we'll even grow veg we don't like...just because we can! That pie looks amazing, btw :)

    1. I've already found earworms in two ears of corn, at least they were still small and hadn't caused too much damage. I'm always looking for things that grow well in the middle of our hot and humid summers and okra sounded perfect, except for that disliking the vegetable part!

  3. That is a lovely blackberry pie! And the broccoli quinoa dish sounds yummy too. Quinoa is one of my favorite grains. Your corn looks great too, we had to buy some at the farmer's market since I don't usually plant any myself.

    1. I saw corn for $0.17 an ear at the grocery store last week and questioned why I bother growing corn. It isn't a very reliable crop for me and takes up a bit of space, but it is delicious.

  4. Your harvest makes me jealous and envious! We can't really grow where we are (renting) so all we have is a tomato plant which is doing rather well. Your blackberry pie looks delicious!

  5. Lucky you with all that harvest. We finally got some rain during the night! Yum on the corn and blackberry pie! Nancy