Monday, May 23, 2016

Harvest Monday 5/23/16

Spring is rushing by.  We've had plenty of downpours this month, which has made the garden grow, along with the weeds.  It is also officially summer vacation for me, so I get to be a full-time gardener for the next three months!  Along with the veggies growing, the bug populations have also exploded.  Despite the bugs, I've had plenty of harvests coming in.

The big harvest this week is peas at 3.1 lbs.  The English peas we eat raw- pop open the pods and munch away.  I have used the snowpeas in stir fry and have more to cook.  Domino also enjoys peas.  When I harvest them he will stand there with his sad eyes and wait for me to give him an imperfect pea.  However, he has now learned to take harvesting into his own paws, or more accurately, his own teeth and pulls them off the vine all by himself!

The greens are very abundant right now.  I've harvested lettuce, kale and Swiss chard this week.  The lettuce is the Allstar mix from Johnny's Selected Seeds.  It is a beautiful and tasty mix.

The kale and chard have been sauteed with eggs, cooked in a quiche, roasted and I have finally resorted to making green smoothies.  I have found that I prefer Swiss chard over kale in smoothies.  The color of the smoothies when you add frozen strawberries turns a not so appetizing brown. I will spare you a photo.

I also harvested the first of the spring turnips.  I will be making mashed turnips later this week to go with lentil loaf (a vegetarian version of meatloaf).

Weekly harvests:
Turnips: 2 lbs
Lettuce: 1 lb
Swiss chard: 0.7 lbs
Kale: 0.6 lbs
Peas: 3.1 lbs

Yearly total: 92.4 lbs

That's all the harvests coming from my garden this week.  To see what others are harvesting, check out Harvest Monday on Our Happy Acres.



  1. Peas & greens - yum yum! Still no lettuce from my garden, but I think another week of good weather may do it - the peas, unfortunately, will take quite a bit longer. That's so funny about Domino - guess he knows a good thing when he sees it!

  2. I'd like to see Domino helping you with the harvest! The green smoothies sound great, I need to make some too while the greens are plentiful. Blackberries also make them less than green but I like the flavor they add.

  3. Wow, your garden is way ahead of ours. We are in NE Oregon so a bit higher altitude too:). Can't wait to have "real" salad - should be soon. Last year our carrots were so delicious they were all gone by Christmas. Yours look just as yummy.
    PS found you through decluttering challenge - fun times.