Monday, June 30, 2014

Harvest Monday 6/30/14

The theme this week is cucumbers.  They were by far the largest harvest this week at 7.2 lbs.  I had enough to make my first batch of dill pickles.  Next I want to make some sweet gherkins, which means I need to harvest lots of little cucumbers.

Here are some baskets of harvests this week:

The carrots are still not very big, but I keep pulling a couple here and there.

The beets have finally gotten large enough to harvest and here I pulled a fat and short carrot.

This is my first year growing these crazy long green beans.  I haven't actually cooked them yet, but they look nifty.

I went to visit a friend this past weekend and brought her a basket of goodies from the garden: chard, kale, green beans, squash, peppers, cucumbers, onions and pickles.  She sent me a picture of a stir fry she made the next day, so they went to a good home.

I've been cooking stir fries as well along with omelettes with lots of veggies.  I made some stuffed round squash that I thought were quite photogenic.

The other harvest this week did not come from the garden.  We have lots of wild blackberries on our property and around the neighborhood, so we have been picking and picking and eating and eating.  I have made mini pies for the freezer, some jam, and muffins.  Next I want to freeze the whole berries for smoothies.

Harvests this week:
Onions                1 lb
Kale                   3.7 oz
Chard           4.6 oz
Summer squash  4.8 lbs
Beet                   1.2 lbs
Broccoli           9.7 oz
Peppers           6.5 oz
Cucumber        7.2 lbs
Beans           11.3 oz
Carrots           4.2 oz

Weekly total: 16.8 lbs
Yearly total: 56.9 lbs

That's all the harvests coming from my garden this week.  To see what others are harvesting check out Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions.


  1. Those harvests are wonderful - so many beautiful colours & gorgeous stuffed squash. And yum to blackberries - you are so lucky to have so many just casually growing in and around your house.

  2. What an incredible haul for the week! Those beans look very cool - great inspiration for a fun dish.

  3. Wonderful harvests. And I wish I had wild blackberries in my neighborhood. There are some wild raspberries, but I've tried them and they are so so sour. I used to have wild blueberries next to my last house. In fact the land beneath the house used to be a blueberry farm - too bad they didn't leave the bushes in when they put in the houses. The wild ones are so small that they take forever to pick. I never did succeed in getting enough to bring home. If I picked them I ate them on the spot.

    1. That would have been wonderful if they had left all the blueberry bushes! It may have enticed people to move to the neighborhood.

  4. I love the stuffed squash! And the beautiful jar of pickles. I can almost taste them. ;-) I love those yardlong beans too. I think they are tasty both raw and cooked. I didn't have room for them this year though.

  5. That stuffed squash looks wonderful! Can't wait for pickles!

  6. Beautiful vegetable harvests. I always like the combination of colors when things are harvested at once.
    I just finished reading your older posts about your terraced garden (very impressive) and starting your new garden. I look forward to seeing what else you’re growing this year.

    1. Aww.. the terraced garden. I loved that garden! I sometimes dream of building stone beds with pea gravel paths in the new garden. But it is so much bigger and we have a tractor for tilling now, so it's really not worth the time, effort and money. I hope to eventually build a small and pretty herb and flower garden near the house. Thanks for reading my old posts :)

  7. Nice varied harvest, the stuff pumpkin looks delicious, berries always make me drool because I couldn't grow them in our neck of the woods, maybe it's just me :(

  8. Looks like your gardens are doing wonderful and sounds like you are also a great cook! Your baskets look beautiful! Nancy

  9. Nice harvest! I love foraging for wild berries. When we lived in Vermont, I used to forage for wild black raspberries this time of year to make wine. I miss it!

  10. Fantastic harvests! I love seeing the baskets filled with whatever is ready to harvest in the garden. The blackberries are lovely. Growing up we foraged for berries all summer long. It was a lot of fun.