Saturday, March 1, 2014

Horsing Around in the Garden

Spring is hopefully coming right around the corner, but secretly I'm hoping it'll hold off just a little bit longer because I'm not ready!  We tilled the garden, but then I needed to add compost.  Last year I did nothing to improve the soil and things did not grow well.  I think I have been spoiled in the past with raised beds filled with purchased garden soil.  Now I am working with the native dirt with all it's clumps, rocks, and clay.

I found a place nearby that has fields of horses and a valley filled with horse poo that has been composting for decades.  Not only is it close and convenient, but it was also only $30 for a truck and trailer load.  Now I have the arduous task of getting it from the truck and trailer into the garden.  At least this is the second and last load!

I have three rows to go and I am so tired and sore!  I'm hoping that all this hard work is going to result in a productive year.  If nothing else I should have toned arms to show for my gardening!


  1. No need for a gym membership with all that good exercise you are doing! I hope your garden is successful for you this year! Nancy

  2. I want the spring to come soon though I also have a lot to do; I am tired of this cold winter. Oh! with such good manure, you are going to have an awesome garden this year, definitely.