Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday for September

I stumbled upon Clay and Limestone and wildflower Wednesdays.  I adore native wildflowers and although my efforts have been focused on my vegetable garden the past two years, I have plans for a native woodland garden and incorporating natives into my front flower bed.

My favorite wildflower this time of year doesn't have a showy flower, doesn't flower this time of year, and is actually a shrub.  However, the seed capsules and seed pods captivate me with the combination of fuchsia and orange.  Hearts-a-burstin, strawberry plant, or Euonymus americanus, whichever name you prefer (hearts-a-burstin is my personal favorite) this a colorful addition to the fall that you should get to know if you live in the southeast.  They grow in part shade and like a moist environment.  About a dozen of these shrubs have grown at the edge of the woods and are putting on a spectacular show this time of year. 

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  1. I prefer the Hearts-A-Bustin name, too, Julie. It's a delightful native and I have it growing at C and L in several spots. I am curious what you'll be adding to your garden? Let us all know. Happy WW! gail