Monday, June 25, 2012

Harvest Monday 6/25/12

It's beginning to look a lot like summer everywhere you go (in my garden)!

I have plenty of new harvests to report this week.  And because I can not contain my excitement any longer, I have to report my most anticipated veggie of the year: the tomato.  My first tomato was a yellow pear at a whopping 0.2 oz, but oh so tasty!

Also this week I harvested my first eggplant (5.2 oz).  I'm growing an heirloom variety called Little Spooky.  They are smaller, white eggplants and legend says they are suppose to scare away evil spirits from your garden at night.  Do squirrels count as evil spirits?

The peppers are slowly but surely growing with 1 oz of hot banana peppers and 5 oz of bell peppers.  The bell peppers are a rainbow mix, so it's exciting to see what colors I have.

The cucumbers continue producing with 5.3 lbs this week, although the plants are starting to not look so good- yellowing and browning leaves.  I just started some seeds, so hopefully the current plants can hang on until some new ones can replace them. 

I also stumbled upon a little (0.4 oz) red onion hiding in a bed, but no picture.

As for squash, I was happy to harvest a 5.5 lbs hubbard squash.  These squash plants were my trap crop for the vine borers, so I was not expecting to get any.

I also harvested 1.7 lbs tromboncino squash:

And how could I forget my first green bean harvest (3.2 oz):

Not included in the weights, but a first ever harvest for me is chamomile:

Weekly total:  14.98 lbs
Yearly total: 85.44 lbs worth $166.20

That's all the harvests coming from my garden this week, to see what others are harvesting check out Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions.

Happy Gardening!


  1. Lovely chamomille! I've never planted it, and I sure am inspired to try it now.

  2. Great harvest, don't you love this time of year when everything starts to ripen. I'm still waiting for our first tomato! Any day now I hope!!

  3. Looks like you had a great harvest. I have always wanted to grow hubbard squash but never tried since I figured the SVB would take them out before I got anything. Glad you got one! It is gorgeous.

  4. That sounds like what happened to my cucumbers too! The plants just started to die, had to pull them all out and then a gopher decided to dig around and terrorize the eggplant left in the bed. Do you think the Little Spooky would work with the gopher? Let me know how it does with the squirrels!

  5. Congrats on your first chamomile harvest. And the hubbard squash looks so bright and pretty. I'm afraid to grow them because of the borers.

    1. I didn't expect to get any hubbard squash and after harvesting I pulled up the vine and found 16 borers inside!! No clue how it survived long enough and had enough energy to make a squash. So I was extra happy to have eliminated 16 vine borers and get a squash!

  6. Great harvests - interesting you got your first eggplants and tomatoes in the same week. For us eggplants tend to come much later than the tomatoes as do the peppers.

    1. It seems like peppers are usually later than tomatoes, but perhaps the early and warm spring sped things up.

  7. Looks like a great harvest week for you! My trombonicinno's have yet to set fruit, but there are male flowers galore. I have to say that squirrels are evil creatures!