Monday, June 11, 2012

Harvest Monday 6/11/12

The garden harvests have been picking up the pace the past couple of weeks.  This is when I find it hard to remember to weigh and take pictures of everything.  I'm really trying to stay on top of the weighing because I want to know how much my garden produces.. hopefully that curiosity will keep me motivated!

The biggest harvest this week was the potatoes.  I decided to dig up the bed and ended up with 10.2 lbs, which isn't  too shabby for 24 sq ft and with the wilting plants.  The red potatoes did the best, followed by yukon gold and white kennebec produced the fewest.

I also pulled the rest of the onions (1.9 lbs), but only took a picture of a few of them:

The spring planted turnips have not liked the warm weather, so I decided to go ahead and pull them (1.5 lbs):

The old standby, chard, is still producing with no signs of bolting.  I harvested 8oz of it this week:

My spring planted carrots were looking big and bushy, so I thought I would pull one to see how big they are.. the answer 0.7 oz.  Guess I need to be more patient with the carrots.

I also had 0.5 oz of strawberries, but they didn't last long enough to have their picture taken.  The strawberries are not producing very much and the berries are really small.  Oh and I busted a squirrel inside my strawberry cage!  He's chewed a hole through the netting!

I harvested 2 lbs of cucumbers this week, but was a slacker at taking pictures of them.  I have two varieties this year: Persian and Lemon.

A new harvest this week is peppers.  I picked two banana peppers (1.2 oz) and was impatient and picked three little bell peppers (2.6 oz).

Lastly are blackberries, which are not from my garden.  Blackberries grow all over the place around here, especially on roadsides.  You just have to brave the thorns and the chiggers, but they are definitely worth it!

Weekly total:  16.9 lbs
Yearly total: 50.63 lbs worth $138.20

That's all the harvests coming from my garden this week, to see what others are harvesting check out Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions.

Happy Gardening!


  1. Nice box of potatoes. I too am not good at remembering to weigh harvest and take pictures. I am getting a little better, slowly.

  2. Gorgeous harvest! I can only wish to have those blackberries here.

  3. Because blackberries are weeds here the local councils often spray them so even if you find them by the side of the road you can't eat them - a shame really as they are absolutely delicious. Lovely potatoes.

    1. They spray along major roads here, but not smaller roads. This year we went to a place where they cut the forest to build, but then didn't build so now it's a huge blackberry patch. I find it funny that they call blackberries naturalized whereas any other non-native plant that takes over an area is invasive.

  4. Awesome week! Great find on the blackberries. I've looked high and low for free food and haven't found a thing. All we seem to have around here are weeds.

  5. Nice looking harvests this week; I'm getting new potatoes now too and waiting for my big planting to be ready to dig. I sure miss wild blackberries; when we lived in TX we picked them every year.

  6. Those potatoes look wonderful as do the berries.

  7. Lovely harvest photos. The chard looks perfect! I always have hole in my leaves. The potatoes are beautiful. I am glad you were able to harvest some even though the plants were not doing well. Our blackberries are in full bloom right now and it looks like it will be a good year.

  8. What an amazing harvest! You are so far ahead of us, it's simply amazing! I can't wait for our lemon cukes to grow and bloom and fruit out and'm drooling over yours right now ;-)