Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dreaming of Blueberries

I'm imagining going into the garden with my morning cereal and plucking plump blueberries off a bush and plopping them into my bowl.  Blueberries on ice cream on a hot summer day sounds scrumptous too or blueberry pie.  Yes, I know it is the middle of winter and even if I had blueberry bushes they would not be decorating my cereal right now, but this is one of my garden dreams.

I plan to plant some blueberry bushes this spring.  I've been researching different varieties and its a bit overwhelming.  I do know I want to have early, mid, and late bearing varieties.  Here's my list at the moment Early: Becky blue, Bonita, Brightwell, Climax, Premier; Mid: Bluebelle, Brite blue, Chaucer, Powderblue, Tiflue; Late: Baldwin, Centurion, Choice, Delite.  The only problem is that I only have room for a maximum of six bushes and realistically I should only plant four bushes.  Decisions, decisions.  There's an organic blueberry bush vendor at the farmer's market, so I will probably end up choosing based on what varieties they have available.  Now I've got to check on when the farmer's market opens... guess I have about three months to ponder my blueberry selections.


  1. You can check online or the good local nurseries for what does best in your area. We did that last spring, bought nice ones from the master gardeners sale, planted them, and came home the next day to watch the dogs eating them. Well maybe next spring,. There is nothing like blueberries in the morning with lots of sugar and milk.

  2. Oh no! Wonder if my dog will do the same? Perhaps a temporary fence is needed.