Thursday, December 22, 2011

Canning Supplies Deal

Yesterday was errand day.  I'm done with Christmas shopping, but I had a list of stuff that still need to be done... oil change, hair cut, and vet.  While I was waiting on the oil change, I walked over to Lowes.  I was searching for peg board hooks and they were not where I expected.  Next to the actual peg boards.. nope.  In the hardware section... nope.  I finally found them in the very back of the store and stumbled upon clearance canning supplies.  Twelve pack of lids and bands for $1.26 and kosher dill pickle mix for 60 cents!  I make pickles by the pint and it comes out to two cents a jar!!!  (Well, not including vinegar, but that's not very expensive either.)  This definitely made my errand day worth while.  Now I just wish I had something to can!


  1. I love getting bargains - particularly food related ones - nice shopping!

  2. What great luck! And, another reason to look forward to Spring and Summer 2012.