Sunday, September 4, 2011

Garden History

My garden began in 2010 with renting a tiller, planting seeds and seedlings..

Followed by harvesting and eating :)

In spring of 2011 I decided to install raised beds, but soon became aware of the slope of my garden. Jeff thought we should level the garden and build a retaining wall. That was the beginning of the massive garden renovations:

I had to sacrificed my spring root crops as my previous garden was demolished and buried under 63 tons of dirt:

Unfortunately our wall did not withstand the weight of the dirt:

But at least Jeff had a good time with the Bobcat:

We had to adjust our plan and instead of a single retaining wall, we began a two tiered terraced garden.

After lots of work, a squished thumb nail, and a new found hatred of retaining wall bricks, my garden was built!  I had the raised beds I originally wanted, trellises, arbor, and a pretty terraced garden!

By July my garden was happily growing! 


  1. Love the raised beds! Beautiful!

  2. I can't believe you have only one comment on this post! I saw it many months ago and immediately began following you. What an amazing job you guys did. Keep up the great work!